Routine Dental Care / Dental Hygiene

Dental hygiene is very important part of keeping a healthy smile. The American Dental Association recommends that patients seek regular teeth cleaning every six months. Poor oral hygiene not only affects your teeth, but can also result in gum disorders. There is evidence that gum disease can be linked to and be attributable to diabetes, stroke, respiratory diseases and premature deliveries in pregnant women.

At Dental Suites, your oral health is of absolute importance to us. We make every effort to ensure you don’t forget and miss your regular dental check-up with us. At Dental Suites we provide every assistance and take the utmost care, to ensure that your teeth and gums always stay healthy.

A thorough cleaning procedure, undertaken regularly every six months will improve your overall oral health and well-being. This can also improve your demeanor and appearance, freshen your breath and with a confident smile, improve your outlook on life. This routine cleaning program, not only removes unwanted plaque which settles on your teeth surface, but also removes any hard deposits, known as calculus and tartar.

Excessive tartar build up on your teeth often leads to an infection of the gums. The cleaning procedure is followed by a polishing process to restore the natural shine and smooth clean surface of the teeth, resulting in that perfect beautiful smile.