Tooth decay is a fact of life. Despite our best effects to regularly brush and floss our teeth, regular dental check-ups will sometimes uncover some dental deterioration.

Dental fillings are a well-established and effective way to keep tooth decay from progressing and doing further damage. As the procedure suggests, a filling seals up the small hole in your tooth that decay-causing bacteria has caused.

At Dental Suites, we provide our patients with mainly tooth-colored fillings, in line with the high expectations of today’s well informed and discerning patient. Fillings may be required for both carious (caused by decay) and non-carious cavities (caused by erosion, attrition and abrasion).

We also provide aesthetic restorations for teeth. This process employs tinting solutions for those teeth needing special attention, especially those which are not of the one uniform color, at the forefront of the mouth. Amalgam fillings are also available and will be used if the patients specifically request it.

The filling process is quite a simple one. The dentist will generally numb the tooth area using local anesthesia, and then remove the decayed area. The dentist will then carefully modify the cavity, ensuring that all debris is removed. The appropriate filling material is then carefully affixed in the cavity, which seals off the tooth from any further bacteria.