Dental Implants

For those who have lost their teeth, gone are the days of the adage “toothless tiger”. New advances in dentistry used by our doctors see fresh tooth-like structures generated and fixed to the jawbone. This in turn allows a secured tooth to be permanently attached. Implants used in our clinics are high in aesthetic value and are very successful in producing natural-looking teeth.

The implant procedure is not a complicated one when performed by our professional implant dental specialist. A simple X-ray procedure is executed to examine the condition of the patient’s teeth and jawbone structure. One this is completed, the most appropriate implant models can be devised for generating the right implants.

Bone levels in the restoration region are carefully analyzed by our doctors to check on the viability for an effective implant. Dental implants require a certain quantum of bone, should potential bone-grafting procedure be required.

Dental implants require a couple of dental visits to our clinic for a complete procedure. The first appointment identifies the bone levels, position of implants and teeth condition. Subsequent visits involve the restoration of teeth and structures using crowns and bridges.


Dental implants are fitted to provide aesthetic and health benefits which include:

  • Enhanced appearance and comfort
  • Speech improvement
  • More comfort while eating
  • Improved oral health
  • Enhanced self-esteem
  • Durability
  • Convenience.

Our dental implant treatment offers an excellent option in closing gaps in the mouth due to loss of teeth. An implant is ideal for those who are fed up with wearing dentures. The implanting of artificial teeth securely into the jaw by using a small titanium screw, makes a dental implant an ideal permanent solution for tooth loss.

The advantages of our dental implants are numerous. Apart from their attractiveness, the implant is strong and stable to allow the enjoyment of foods without reservation or fear of tooth breakage or looseness. There is no denture pain or fracturing which can result from loose or ill-fitting dentures.